Expansion of Webster Five Diversity Committee


We wanted to find a way to engage employees in the journey of becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization and feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion openly both internally with other employees and also within the communities we serve. We have established a Diversity Committee with the goal of empowering members to serve as ambassadors of our diversity efforts with other employees and within the community.


We have established a Diversity Committee to bring together employees from across the bank to engage in diversity outreach initiatives involving both employees and the communities we serve. The committee meets regularly to discuss, communicate and create collaborations in ongoing initiatives and events that support the goal of enhancing diversity and inclusion across the bank. The team develops an annual calendar of diverse holidays and events to celebrate and promote awareness internally with our employees and externally with our customers and community through the sponsorship of local events and the promotion of them through our external communications. This committee also builds and maintains relationships with local diverse individuals and cultural groups. By working closely with these influential members of our communities, we’ve been able to find opportunities to identify and serve their financial needs, which may vary widely as a result of cultural differences.


As a result of these actions, we are expanding our reach into local communities and building trust with them. They are beginning to recognize us as an organization that understands their needs and works to identify financial solutions to fit those needs. The members of the Diversity Committee have built a calendar of holidays and events for the purpose of raising awareness of issues diverse groups face, and support local events and activities to amplify this awareness both internally with our employee base and externally with our customers.


Diana Fiorentino


Webster Five’s Diversity Committee is a group of highly motivated individuals who are passionate about engaging in activities that lead us towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization. The work they continue to do, both with our employees and within our communities, has allowed us to nurture a work environment where employees can feel accepted and valued for their diverse backgrounds and are able to bring their true selves to work every day.

Donald Doyle
Webster Five President and CEO
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