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Expanding Diversity in a Traditional Manufacturing Environment


We recognized that in a manufacturing and plant operations environment there were fewer earlier-career men and women attracted to our company as a natural career path.


We have implemented various programs to create the opportunity for women and men at any point in their career to have a positive experience in what has been labeled a "traditional" industry and may be less appealing than a technology or consumer products business. These programs include a rotational executive leadership program, University related engineering programs for graduates, undergraduates and interns, and a variety of forums, including a Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee, to gather feedback to make Chart a better place to work. Some examples of the feedback received include offering all team members the chance to have a paid day off to volunteer in our communities which is another way we receive ideas not just from within, but also from outside of Chart. Another example is our partnership with ForzeH2, a non-profit organization with 60 students in the Netherlands that are working on hydrogen applications. This is a great way to have our team members get further global perspectives and ultimately provide career opportunities to these students.

We also believe that setting the right example from the Board of Directors is a key part of all of our 3,800 employees believing that this is important for our Company. Our Board of Directors is comprised of 33% female and 33% minority directors.


Chart has 7 new members in the executive leadership program ranging from no career experience to over 25 years of experience, multiple newly graduated female engineers, and has 28 internal promotions year-to-date 2020 (13 females). We also received the 2002 Women on Boards "W"inning Company award for our commitment to Board diversity.


Jill Evanko
[email protected]


The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge is a key part of furthering global involvement of our team members at Chart Industries in having diversity and inclusion as part of our culture. I believe that diverse views and conscious awareness lead to better solutions, better employee engagement, and ultimately will improve our customers' experiences.

Jill Evanko
Chart Industries, Inc CEO and President
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