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Executive Mentoring Program


We recognized that we needed to create development opportunities for women and minorities for future leadership needs.


The Executive Mentoring program is a 12 month program. Executive Committee members select a female and/or minority from a senior/mid-level list of associates.

Program Details:

  • During the program, each Executive Committee Member will:
    • Commit to the program for 12 months
    • Meet in person or by phone with their mentee monthly
  • Executive Committee Members & their mentees must complete the following:
    • Participate in a Budgeting meeting (by phone or in person)
    • Participate in an Investment Committee meeting (by phone or in person)
    • Participate in a Business Unit Review meeting or conference call (by phone or in person)
    • Complete an annual performance review process
    • Work on and complete at least one “special project”


Since the program started in 2016, 30 diverse and/or female associates participated in the Executive Mentoring program. Forty percent of the associates were diverse, while 83% were females.


Jenny Bean

Change is tough. We resist it, generally don’t like it and it’s uncomfortable. But change is good. Change is necessary. It’s what allows us to learn and grow, reach new heights and succeed in life. I want to continue to foster an inclusive environment at Duke Realty and take collective action with other CEO’s to bring this change.

James B. Connor, CEO

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