Excelle at Aprio


Aprio has made a commitment to develop, foster, and encourage the growth and development of women. Through internal focus groups, Aprio, LLP identified that women were interested in development and programming that focused on:

  1. Education focused on confidence, self-advocacy, and presence
  2. Coaching/mentoring focused on female mentors
  3. Networking - internal and external opportunities
  4. Enhancing firm policies/programs 

With our focus areas in mind, Excelle at Aprio has partnered with PathBuilders to deliver curated content that specifically addresses the areas Aprio women are most interested in developing. Excelle will be hosting networking events focused on building and strengthening relationships with internal colleagues. Excelle is going to track and monitor female satisfaction, retention and upward mobility in the firm.


Three internal educational events were held in 2018 focused on Building Credibility & Influence, Politicking with Integrity, and Confidence & Career. Two internal networking events were hosted.  In addition, Aprio has made positive changes in the firm's policies in 2018 with an enhancement to its existing Parental Leave Policy and PTO roll over policy.


Danielle Berg, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer


Aprio's culture is as diverse as the clients we serve around the globe, and we celebrate that diversity. Women in the accounting profession are still underrepresented. At Aprio we believe developing women is just good business. And today we have over 35 women in leadership roles. We launched Excelle because that is what we are committed to helping women do - excel here at Aprio. 

Richard Kopelman
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