Evidence Based Practice Journey


In 2016, we began working with Mercer’s data-based consulting practice on an Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) journey that aimed to create a workforce necessary for future business success. This included analysis of our organization’s culture and values, colleague surveys, leadership interviews and a variety of focus groups. Along with the detailed analysis from Mercer’s proprietary Internal Labor Market (ILM) Analysis®, we looked at colleague perspectives on interests, values and needs. Rooted in learnings from our EBP journey and colleague input, we identified a number of opportunities (gaps) to drive greater impact for our Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) efforts across the organization.


Based on the EBP results and other I&D initiatives, our senior leadership team, along with the Inclusion & Diversity team, have been and will continue to actively work to integrate I&D practices, build awareness and commitment to inclusive practices, and take consistent action to improve the quality, diversity and depth of our future leaders.   

After identifying our strategic priorities of attracting and retaining top performers, ensuring I&D communications reach our global audience, and increasing and developing the talent pipeline for diverse groups, we mapped out a variety of programs to extend these priorities to our colleagues’ day-to-day. We are hopeful, and will monitor the success of those actions, programs and partnerships in 2018, as they move the needle on our strategic priorities and serve as the key foundational pieces of our journey to Workforce 2025.


Opportunities have been put in place: (1) Integrating I&D into HR Practices: Conducting talent reviews with a lens of diversity and leveraging diverse talent slates in our recruiting processes to increase our need for innovative mindsets and diversity of thought leaders. (2) Leadership Commitment & Support: Created a Global Inclusion Council to ensure that Hyatt’s purpose and strategic priorities are thoroughly embedded in I&D tactics and increase the visibility of I&D; aligned senior leaders to support each Hyatt Diversity Business Resource Group (DBRG; affinity groups). (3) Community Engagement: To bring our inclusive mindset to communities where we live and work, we established community non-profit partnerships to address the gaps in education and bring more opportunity to youth.


Tyronne Stoudemire
[email protected]


The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge is about people, it’s about making a difference, and it’s about creating a world that is better because you cared to make people your priority. At Hyatt, we care for people to be their best and with all that we do, we undeniably care to be a part of making sure all our colleagues know we care about inclusion and diversity.

Mark Hoplamazian
President and CEO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation
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