Evergy’s DE&I Strategic Priorities


As found in the mission statement, at Evergy it’s the company’s obligation to make sure we are aware of the way our actions, consciously or unconsciously, impact our stakeholders and our company culture. We strive to take proactive steps to ensure that we foster diversity, equity and inclusion across our company.


In 2021, Evergy committed to drive sustained change in processes and behaviors through four initiatives: employee development, employee engagement, talent pipeline and supplier diversity.

  • Employee Development – created a suite of four DE&I training modules
  • Employee Engagement – expanded Business Resource Groups
  • Talent Pipeline – created interview consortium to ensure diverse interview panels
  • Supplier Diversity – set new targets for spend with minority owned businesses

Additionally, Evergy adopted a discretionary diversity equity and inclusion modifier to our executive annual incentive plan to further promote and reinforce our commitment to DE&


Over 5,000 hours of DE&I training provided to employees. Business Resource Groups have expanded with creation of new BRGs. Evergy is approaching 100% of interviews with at least one diverse employee on the interview panel. The organization has increased its spend with diverse suppliers for the third consecutive year. In 2022, Evergy has streamlined its DE&I Strategic Priorities into three areas: workplace (combining development and engagement); marketplace (supplier diversity); and workforce (talent pipeline).


Sheri Gonzales

I am proud of our accomplishments in advancing our priority initiatives relating to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our DE&I journey will require sustained effort over the long-term combined with near-term focus on our DE&I strategic priorities. Thank you for all you do to help ensure Evergy is diverse, equitable and inclusive, consistent with our core values.

David Campbell
Evergy President and CEO
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