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Evergy’s Commitment to Supplier Diversity


Continuously improving in a rapidly evolving industry to fulfill Evergy’s commitment to move communities forward by increasing our engagement and meeting our spend objectives with diverse suppliers.


Leverage the existing foundation of over 40 years of experience with a multifaceted, award winning supplier diversity program while making incremental continuous improvements.

  • Enhanced contract language to include second tier diverse spend requirements
  • Reduced lag in second tier spend reporting and enhanced reporting to provide more real time visibility into spend performance
  • Engaged in the Supplier Diversity CEO Challenge with KC Rising where we have learned and shared supplier inclusive best practices with other committed businesses in our community
  • Provided guidance and connections to emerging diverse suppliers in our community by helping them grow, develop and be viable and sustainable business partners through engaging in our Light Source Executive Mentorship program
  • Expanded our connections with our diverse suppliers through virtual training and Supplier Spotlights where our Evergy employees and Prime suppliers are introduced to new suppliers and revisit capabilities of our existing diverse suppliers
  • Performed comprehensive category spend assessments to identify opportunities for improvement in second tier spend collection, increased spend with incumbent diverse suppliers, and areas for onboarding of new suppliers
  • Inclusion of diverse spend targets in executive performance goals and incentives

Increased diverse spend by 30% over the previous year and exceeded internal diverse spend targets, reaching the highest-ever level of spend for Evergy, Inc.

Increased virtual supplier connections and opportunities through trainings, mentorships, and Supplier Spotlights.

Healthy businesses, with diverse businessesplaying a vital role, are the backbone of our regional economy. At Evergy, we recognize thisvital role, and we know we are only successful if our local economies are successful, too.

David Campbell
Evergy CEO
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