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Establishment of a Diversity and Inclusion Council


Since becoming an independent insurance company in June 2018, Talcott Resolution is building an increasingly inclusive culture where we encourage and celebrate the diversity of our people and the perspectives they bring. We had already established a strong foundation through one of our core values, “Respect for Others,” and we recognize the importance of empowering our people to share their experiences and embrace their authentic selves.

With the goal of strengthening that foundation, in the beginning of 2020 we established our leadership- sponsored, cross-functional Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Council and its mission statement:

To cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace where all employees feel valued, respected, empowered, and encouraged to share their ideas and perspectives in a safe and welcoming environment, as shaped by their unique life experiences


Our D&I Council works in partnership with Human Resources to support all diversity and inclusion efforts. This is a significant opportunity for us, and we are excited to make a meaningful impact on our culture and our business.

D&I Council’s strategies and areas of focus:

  • Educate to promote awareness and knowledge
    • Encourage employees to better understand how diverse individual experiences and backgrounds can improve awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and further support Talcott’s value of “Respect for Others”.
  • Advocate for change
    • Be a vocal ally for change, promoting practices that create appreciation, acceptance, and celebration of different cultures, beliefs, and

  • Inspire dialogue
    • Conduct, sponsor and encourage various forums and other mechanisms promoting constructive, open discourse – including fostering an environment of being comfortable discussing uncomfortable topics.

  • Support our communities
    • Identify issues and opportunities related to D&I within our communities, and partner across the organization to design and implement solutions that positively impact where we live and

As one of its first activities, the D&I Council encouraged employees to complete online employee profiles and add information about their interests, skills, and what makes them unique. These profiles are searchable, which allows colleagues to connect to learn and share information.

The Council hosts monthly Diversity and Inclusion: Growing and Inspiring Together (DIG IT) sessions to provide opportunities for dialogue, education, and connection. To date, session topics have included multiple racial injustice forums, the 2020 Supreme Court decision preserving LGBTQ rights, and discussions on gender equality, mental health, and how to best handle difficult conversations in times of political and social unrest. These open forums have an attendance rate of ~10% of our employee base and have received positive feedback.

A robust intranet site has also been created, which provides resources for employee learning and a platform for our colleagues to celebrate their authentic selves. Education and inspiration are shared via relevant TED talks, audio recordings, and articles on D&I topics, including information on how to be an ally. The site also houses our TRueVoice interview series, which highlights employees' unique experiences and gives listeners insight into how those experiences have shaped the people they are today.


Bridget Dunn, Head of Government Affairs


At Talcott Resolution, we celebrate the diversity of our people and the perspectives they bring. We are committed to fostering an environment where all individuals are safe, valued, respected, and treated equally and fairly. I am reaffirming my commitment to creating a company that’s reflective of Talcott’s values and am committed to racial equality.

Peter F. Sannizzaro
President & CEO of Talcott Resolution
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