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Establishing a Diversity & Inclusion Committee


Crestwood wanted to foster a culture of inclusion, create more accountability of D&I at the leadership level and establish ambassadors to set the strategy and tone. Therefore in 2020, we established a D&I committee with the goal of empowering leadership and employees to drive a culture of D&I within the company.


In September 2020, we established a D&I Committee led by our Chief Diversity Officer and comprised of executive leaders who drive the culture of D&I within Crestwood. The committee meets quarterly to discuss, communicate and create collaborations in ongoing initiatives and events that support the goal of enhancing diversity and inclusion across the company.


As a result of this action, we have created a robust D&I strategy incorporating feedback from key business units that will enable us to make measured progress on our D&I journey.


Manasi Pandya, Chief Diversity Officer

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