ERGs/ TMEGs (Team Member Engagement Groups)


Enhance and improve engagement and collaboration among Team Members and create an environment where everyone can feel included and valued.


Launched six Team Member Engagement Groups (TMEGs). TMEGs are groups of individuals at Tractor Supply who share common interests, background, or characteristics, and want to act as resources for improving: engagement of group members; diversity representation and inclusiveness of TSC; development of group members; and business results through focused attention on aligning group goals with the company’s strategy.

Current TMEGs

  1. The WOMEN OUT HERE TMEG heightens collaboration among women throughout the organization.
  2. The YOUNG PROFESSIONALS TMEG is a non-age exclusive TMEG that supports Team Members who are eager to learn about ways to grow their careers.
  3. The VETERAN TMEG focuses its efforts on; recognizing veterans, veteran outreach, veteran recruiting, and mentoring veterans.
  4. The AFRICAN AMERICANS ON THE R.I.S.E TMEG is dedicated to fostering a culture that supports the African American community.
  5. LGBTQ+ OUT HERE TMEG educates and promotes the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and allies by creating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment that aligns with our company’s values.
  6. The FUERTE JUNTOS/STRONG TOGETHER HISPANIC TMEG focuses on connecting our Hispanic communities and teams through outreach and education.

Our TMEGs are an important way that we provide professional development, connection, and camaraderie. TMEGs have led our Team Members to sponsor special programming that included topics like Resume Writing and Internal Interviewing; Restorative Self Care; Personal Brand; Personal Finances; Maximizing your Workplace; and Public Speaking & Presentation Skills. In addition to special programming, our TMEGs have offered monthly Lunch and Learns that have led to transparent conversation about issues and concerns that each TMEG faces at and outside of work. These conversations have helped to drive awareness and to engage allies. 


At Tractor Supply, our deep-rooted culture of Mission & Values is unique and is the foundation of our success. We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive culture where we foster different perspectives, ideas and innovative thinking. One of our values is respect – the starting point for our diversity and inclusion efforts. Our strong culture is our values in action, and we truly care about each other and working together as part of the Tractor Supply family.

Hal Lawton
President and CEO
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