ERGs, Mentorship Program, and Unconscious Bias Training


We received feedback that there was a perception that our diverse employees were not being optimally developed in their careers and were not sufficiently represented at the senior management level.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): We have empowered our employees to take leadership roles in the development and implementation of ERGs. We launched our Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Allies ERG earlier this year and are in the planning stages for three to four more ERGs, expected to launch by the end of 2017 (including a Veterans, Women, African-American, and Asian & Pacific Islander).

Mentorship Program: We created and implemented a Mentorship Program targeting a diverse work group to pair emerging leaders with colleagues to aid in professional development and share learning across the enterprise.

Unconscious Bias Training: We have created and piloted an Unconscious Bias Training program.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Our ERGs are providing a framework for employees to network, develop their career  and leadership skills, and gain exposure to senior leaders, while at the same time fostering diversity of thought and  enhancing  our  key business  decision-making processes.

Mentorship Program: Mentorship pairings have resulted in improved overall scores in core leadership and performance attributes after the first year. We looked at the representation of diverse employees in the first year and, as a result, have proactively worked to increase the diversity of participants for our second cycle.

Unconscious Bias Training: We received positive feedback from our pilot, and are in the process of modifying the program (based on feedback from pilot participants) to roll out this Fall.


Coale Parker


I am personally committed to The CEO Action for Inclusion pledge, and to prioritizing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business to create opportunities where they may not otherwise exist, to drive innovation, and to best serve our communities.

Steve Pollock
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