ERGs at Scripps


To foster an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to network, help each other grow and develop as well as drive positive business changes, Scripps introduced guidelines in 2020 for how to create employee resource groups (ERGs).

Scripps defines ERGs as voluntary, employee-led groups that drive a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace culture aligned with Scripps’ mission, vision, goals, values, business practices and objectives. ERGs are not a top-down initiative. These are created, with a supporting framework, by the employees who are interested in participating.


Scripps had three ERGs prior to the formal launch of the program – two at its corporate office focused on young professionals and women, and a Black Inclusion Resource Group at WCPO-TV in Cincinnati. Following an awareness campaign that was focused on gaining leadership support and arming employees with information and tools to get a group started, seven new ERGs formed.


Scripps increased its efforts with 10 official ERGs across its corporate office, Local Media and Scripps Networks divisions that focus on veterans, LGBTQIA, race and ethnicity and more. The EDI team also set up an inbox so employees can ask questions or connect across the company on issues that are important to them. Information about how to start an ERG is always accessible through the employee intranet, and employees are reminded through regular communication channels and events. Success stories also are highlighted to inspire and connect.


We are committed to creating a more welcoming and inclusive work environment at Scripps that supports and celebrates diversity. ERGs support this commitment by having a positive impact on our culture with the potential to foster community and a sense of belonging, stronger employee engagement as well as opportunities for professional development.

Adam Symson
President and CEO
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