ERG Experience Week


In order to increase the support of associates work with the Employee Resources Groups, we knew we needed an outreach that would illustrate to our managers the value and impact of ERGs from a business, retention and recruitment perspective. We also wanted to expand the groups outside of North America.


We created a week long experience focused on demonstrating the value and impact of our Employee Resource Groups. The week is called enERGize: ERG Experience Week, and it is an example of integration across multiple departments to fulfill several aspects of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy (see bold items). We have a 5-prong approach with our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy (Accountability, Career Development, Retention, Supplier Diversity and Education/Engagement). The focus of ERG Experience Week is to share the benefits of ERG engagement across the four focus areas (recruitment, professional development, community engagement and education/client engagement) of our ERGs globally. Annually, with eneRGize week, we have seen increase in membership, management participation and client engagement. The growth of ERG membership both domestically and internationally is a story within itself that can be attributed to our partnership with a diverse supplier who provided foundational training of "Managing an Inclusive Work Environment" and "Unconscious Bias training" across the entire enterprise (to-date 90%+ global leaders have completed the training) This was the catalyst of our ERG Global Expansion which began in 2014 and today we have at least one ERG in 70% of the 100+ countries where we do business.


We have held four consecutive enERGize weeks, since 2014 which have resulted in reaching thousands of employees globally through global town hall discussions, supported the development of our associates with over 5,000 employees exposed to professional development webinars and in-person training sessions. This also collaborate with our clients and have hosted over 65 global client engagements as a highlight to the week's events. Nielsen also hosts evening events which we title, "Diverse Intelligence Series events" to showcase Nielsen's diverse insights with clients, the community and associates. During this year's enERGize week, we launched over 30 new chapters globally and our ERG membership grew by over 25%. This week is also leveraged to recognize managers and associates with our PRISM Award: Champions of Inclusion. This week has changed the perception and the value proposition of Nielsen's resource groups. Clients, managers and employees seek out our ERGs to support them with recruitment initiatives, focus groups for business issues and innovation contests, community engagement and thought leaders on diverse topics.


Diversity and Inclusion are crucial to Nielsen's growth, strength and ability to innovate. From our employee resource groups and supplier diversity program to our investments in associates and community outreach, Nielsen's diversity and inclusion strategy remains focused on recruitment, retention and professional development for our associates, and on meaningful consumer engagement and investments in communities where we live and work. The results of work done by our diversity & inclusion team has proven that diversity of talents, skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds make our company stronger.

Mitch Barns
Nielsen CEO
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