Equilar Diversity Network (EDN)


The boardroom is still a very male-centric place with very little female representation within boards in public companies across corporate America. Despite the heighten focus on the problem of the lack of female representation in boards, very few public companies actually have females on their boards.


Equilar saw the need to make a conscious effort to use the resources available within our products to promote diversity in America's boardrooms. As part of the ongoing effort to promote such diversity in boards, Equilar launched the Equilar Diversity Network (EDN) in 2016. EDN is a feature of the Equilar BoardEdge database and is a consortium of leading diversity-focused organizations consolidating robust registries of board-ready executives.


Since launching EDN to advance diverse representation in boardrooms across the globe, EDN now consists of 14 partner organizations and nearly 3,000 diverse board candidates, supplementing more than 170,000 candidate profiles already in the Equilar BoardEdge database. EDN has become the registry of registries of board-ready executives from leading ethnic and gender diversity-focused organizations.


Steve Chang
[email protected]


I am proud to join the CEO Action for Inclusion and take on the pledge to promote diversity and inclusion. There is so much more we can all do to promote diversity from the boardroom and executive suite all the way down the corporate chain. It is our responsibility to set forth the actions needed to bring about change and I firmly believe being a part of this mission is a giant step in the right direction. 

David Chun
CEO, Equilar, Inc.
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