Equality and Inclusion Start with Us

Statement from Seifi Ghasemi

A few weeks ago, I signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™. I did so because I believe deeply in the values of respect and integrity, and because I am fully committed to making sure our company works diligently so that everyone has the opportunity to do their best work here at Air Products, and that they can do so free of bias, discrimination and exclusion. 

The events recently reported in the news remind us again of the need to continue to work for the principles of fairness, equality and diversity. There is no place in our company or our communities for racism, hate or intolerance. Air Products stands for something better, and that is why we have a vision to be the most diverse and inclusive industrial gas company in the world. We must treat each other with respect and embrace our differences because that is the foundation of our collective success. Together, we will fuel positive change.

Seifi Ghasemi 

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