Ensuring Pay Equity with Syndio


Running pay equity analysis was time consuming and costly for our internal team, and only provided a view of one snapshot in time.


Medallia recently invested in Syndio, a leading platform for pay equity analysis. This tool allows Medallia to operationalize pay equity analysis, embedding the review into our compensation adjustment and promotion cycle processes. Syndio also enables a much more continuous view of pay equity analysis throughout the year, and the ability to understand the impact of proposed changes in real time.

Syndio allows Medallia to evaluate pay equity by gender as well as race, ensuring that we’re living up to the Equal Pay commitment we made for the first time in 2017. Medallia has signed Glassdoor’s Equal Pay Pledge and was an inaugural signatory to the CA Equal Pay Pledge, a new pay equity initiative created by the California Commission of the Status of Women and Girls and the Office of the First Partner Jennifer Newsom.


Pay equity analysis is now embedded in our people processes, allowing Medallia to be more proactive and declarative about the state of our pay practices.


Lauren Jackman


I'm proud to sign the CEO Action for Inclusion pledge. Medallia is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Awake leaders look for talent everywhere and do not suffer unconscious bias. To bring the best experiences to life, we need to have everyone represented, and we need to hear everyone's voice.

Leslie Stretch
Medallia President and CEO
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