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Enhancing Diversity Awareness and Building a Culture of Inclusion


Enhancing diversity awareness and building a conscious culture of inclusion that positively impacts our global community.


Travelport is committed to enhancing diversity awareness and creating a conscious culture of inclusion through programs and initiatives focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We are committed to actively engaging colleagues through diversity trainings, external partnerships and outreach, awareness efforts and a newly implemented speaker series.

Our goal is to focus on implementing a positive employee experience through an inclusive workplace culture. We create diversity awareness though workplace initiatives and programs that enhance the exchange of ideas perspectives and the education of cultures. We sponsor career development events and identify and develop effective internal mentors. We sponsor career and educational outreach programs for the betterment of those in the community. In addition to establishing partnerships and publicly supporting diverse professional organizations aimed toward our DEI programmatic themes. We also work to continuously build a network of D&I resources that are easily accessible to colleagues through visible initiatives that contribute to building a diverse pipeline of employees.


We have begun to change the narrative around the importance of our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We continue to source industry experts to provide a perspective on the importance of inclusion and implement trainings that foster workplace belonging. We continue to see positive change and transformation within our employee engagement as we work to build a conscious culture of inclusion. 


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