Enhanced Parental Leave


Agilent's success stems from our people, who make amazing things happen every day. Our employees enjoy a rich employee experience that includes programs that recognize the life and events our employees have away from work, and that provide opportunities to relax, recharge, and live a well-rounded life--all essential to the creative process.

Agilent recognizes the challenge of balancing work and family, and the birth or adoption of a child is a major life event. 


Agilent supports employees taking time off for pregnancy and to bond with a new child.  In 2017, Agilent introduced enhanced support for new parents with a program called Agilent Parental Pay which enables moms and dads to take time off with pay.

Agilent Parental Pay supplements disability pay during an employee’s pregnancy disability. In addition, all new parents receive three weeks paid bonding leave.


Since the introduction of the enhanced Agilent Parental Pay benefit, we have received positive feedback and have seen many employees, both women and men, take advantage of this enhanced plan to take time to bond with a new child.


At Agilent, we talk about having the right strategy, the right team and the right environment to get the best results. Diversity and inclusion is a natural part of that overall formula for success. This is what’s right for us to be doing. It’s right for the team that we have today and the team we want to build for the future. It’s a reflection of who we are and our core values.  And it’s right for the company. It’s a business imperative.

Mike McMullen
President and CEO, Agilent
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