Engaging Men to Close the Gender Gap


When our Chairman and CEO Rick Goings joined with the UN Women’s program in support of gender parity “HeForShe” we saw an opportunity to impact our associates and our predominantly female sales force to engage men in solidarity with women to close the gender gap and push for gender equality.


Since its launch in 2015, the Tupperware Brands internal HeForShe awareness and engagement campaign called “TupperMen” has been implemented in all of our markets worldwide. The program seeks to engage spouses and partners of our predominantly female sales force to support their careers with Tupperware and the movement for gender equality.


In 2016, Tupperware Brands initiated an annual review of all U.S. and certain international key leadership positions, with a focus on measuring the average ratio between associate base salary and market-based pay and identifying areas that may require additional review or action.


Two examples of successful implementation of the HeForShe program include activities led by Tupperware Indonesia where partners and spouses of the sales force attend recognition events and seminars led by our Chairman & CEO. Tupperware Austria produced special Thank You cards to thank partners and spouses for their support along with a call to commit to the online plea to support HeForShe.

For the gender parity Review,  while certain associate levels within specific areas were identified for further review during the 2016 analysis, the Company is generally pleased with the overall findings of the initial baseline review.  Further, Tupperware Brands has initiated a review of pay practices at its manufacturing facilities across the world, with the intent of ensuring gender pay parity.

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