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Enable and Equip ERG Strategic Planning


Enhance strategic planning capability of our Employee Resource Groups in order to maximize their business impact. 


Our office of Diversity & Inclusion partnered with the leaders of each of our nine Employee Resource Groups to identify potential areas where we could continue to help the ERGs grow and add value in our organization. Among each ERG board, we found a lack of consistency and clarity in operational procedures along with a strong desire within every ERG to make a bigger difference. Thus, we launched a comprehensive effort to better align the ERGs with our D&I Strategy and to create helpful, clear operational and leadership best practices and standards. 


We created consistent operating guidelines and defined accountabilities for each board leader position across every ERG, clarifying expectations and making the roles easier to understand and fulfill. We shared the rationale for our Strategic D&I Framework with each ERG Board in individual strategic planning sessions, providing them with context that enabled them to develop scorecards and initiatives aligned with our D&I key areas of focus (Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace). This activity re-ignited engagement across ERGs and helped business leaders and ERG members see how our ERGs are making a true difference in our culture and business impact.


At Mutual of Omaha, one of our core values is “Together We Achieve Greatness”. Our commitment to diviserty and inclusion is essential to our ability to put this value in to practice. We must work together effectively to help our customers protect what they care about and achieve their financial goals. Effective collaboration hinges on respecting and valuing the unique strengths and differences in all people.

James Blackledge
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