Empowering Women in LATAM


When asking Executives why there are only few women in management positions, the answer is often “because there aren’t any”, although data shows that e.g. in Brazil about half the graduates from university are women.


Believing that diversity and inclusion are competitive differentiators for innovation, in 2018, CNH Industrial implemented many initiatives in LATAM focusing on gender equity.

The Women’s Mentoring project, aimed at emerging talents among the female workforce, enabled a number of them to be mentored by colleagues in managerial positions on topics relevant to Company needs.

The Coaching for Women program focused on developing women in leadership positions, so as to strengthen the leadership pipeline and improve participants’ performance in achieving the Company’s business objectives.

Lastly, Unconscious Bias lectures were held by external experts across LATAM sites to raise awareness and help recognize and eliminate unwitting stereotyping, prejudice or any other form of unconscious bias. The target audience was male and female managers from all different functions.


All initiatives were supported by the Diversity Committee, with the engagement of those in leadership roles to help enhance the understanding, and spread a culture, of diversity. Additionally, a communications campaign was launched to raise awareness of the importance of a prejudice-free work environment that values diversity.


Marco Prehn


Diverse and inclusive teams are the backbone of our company’s future success. They make us stronger, push the boundaries of innovation and drive overall performance. By joining CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, we are raising the bar and challenge ourselves to do more and to do better. I’m looking forward to learning from our peers and sharing experiences to advance diversity and inclusion.

Scott W. Wine
CEO, CNH Industrial
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