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We recognize that in order to advance our Diversity and Inclusion efforts, we need to engage our diverse workforce in sharing their backgrounds, experiences, and skills, and connect our employees not only internally, but also with the communities that we serve.


Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one of the key drivers of our overall D&I Strategy.  They are voluntary, grass-root groups, self-governed by employees, and operate under the advisory of the Diversity Council and an Executive Sponsor.  The ERGs are expected to be comprised of individuals that have similar interests or experiences and would like to support the objectives of the ERG regardless of origin, gender, or background.

ERG participation is expected to provide the opportunity to enhance cultural awareness, develop leadership skills, recruit diverse candidates, identify and mentor high potential employees, provide cultural insights for products/services, and connect with the community.


Since the inception of our D&I Strategy in 2016, our Veteran’s ERG is in full gear connecting with employees, but also with the community.  Our Veterans ERG is the pilot for other ERGs that are expected to form in 2017.  We are expecting, at least three other ERGs to be formed this year. 


Zahira Gonzalvo: [email protected]

Cindy Myers: [email protected]

Flagstar’s approach to diversity and inclusion addresses who we are, who we do business with, and who we strive to be as an organization. We welcome fresh ideas and unique viewpoints that will enhance our culture, strengthen our business, and maintain a competitive advantage. Our Diversity and Inclusion Program outlines and reinforces our commitment and the strategic initiatives we’ve undertaken to improve diversity and inclusion within Flagstar and in our communities. We are especially committed to expanding these initiatives through our Employee Resource Groups, which will serve to expand diversity and inclusion awareness, further develop our internal talent, and provide opportunities to better serve our customers.

On behalf of Flagstar, I’m excited to sign this pledge to help broaden diversity and inclusion in our collective workforce and look forward to growing together through the CEO Action forum.

Sandro DiNello, CEO, Flagstar Bank

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