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The Company created Employee Resource Groups to provide our diverse workforce with opportunities for focused networking, professional development and opportunities to participate in philanthropic activities of their choice. In addition, we wanted to leverage the diverse perspectives of our employees to better understand the consumer dynamics of their respective affinity groups.


We launched Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in our NYC headquarters in 2012. We launched with four, U.S.-based ERG groups based on the following affinities: Asian, Hispanic, Black/African American and LGBTQA. Today, the Company currently manages 12 ERGs, 10 of which have additional chapters outside of the U.S. spanning seven countries. We currently offer ERGs based on the following affinities: U.S. Veterans, Millennials, men, women, families, administrative professionals, disabilities and for Canadian-based employees who are expatriates or born in countries other than Canada. These groups, while formed around a common social identity, are open to all employees regardless of how they identify as a means to encourage more inclusive understanding and behaviors. Our ERGs are focused on three common pillars: business alignment projects, professional development and philanthropic community involvement.


The success of the ERGs is a key highlight of our I&D activities to date. Employees have been enthusiastic leaders of events for their respective ERGs, and have facilitated seminars featuring both internal and external speakers, panel discussions, learning sessions with internal senior management, social activities and our ERGs have been active participants in, and often leaders of, significant philanthropic activities and volunteerism within the communities in which ELC operates. Importantly, we have included ERG leadership participation as part of the performance management process. From a business perspective, the ERGs have completed various projects designed to promote our brands and products, as well as conceptual ideas for new products, services and employee programs that have been implemented throughout our organization.


Marilu Marshall: [email protected]

We were founded on the belief that beauty is never one-size-fits all and it is more important now than ever that we continue to live out our fundamental values of respect, quality and inclusion every day. The benefits of inclusion and diversity are so far-reaching and touch nearly every aspect of our business. Our inclusive culture encourages advocacy, openness and appreciation of our employees’ individuality, which in turn elevates our collective creativity and innovation in meeting the needs of our global consumers through our products and high-touch service. Inclusion and diversity are part of the fabric of our organization and we are proud to be a part of CEO Action to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to continued progress and action.

Fabrizio Freda, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Estée Lauder Companies

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