Employee Resource Groups at Pure Storage


The summer of 2020 was a milestone period of civil unrest in the United States. In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the protests against police brutality and racism, coupled with the isolation of working from home amidst a global pandemic, our employees of color needed a safe space -- to share, learn, take action, and ultimately, start to heal.


True to Pure's values of persistence, creativity, and teamwork, our African American/Black employees addressed the challenge head-on and organized a virtual event through "Coalition,” Pure's Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to diversity and inclusion. The Coalition Speaks event welcomed ERG members, allies, and any colleagues who wanted to listen and learn in solidarity.


Authentic and engaging, the event was well-attended by employees from across the globe and was opened by our CEO, who shared his perspective and support as an ally. Our Black employees shared their struggles and feelings, and allies and non-Black employees listened and learned. And together, all focused on the specific actions each would take in the workplace.

That shared experience created a foundation for continued growth and learning at Pure. Fast forward to the spring of 2021, as the Asian community experienced a rise in racially motivated discrimination and violence, Pure's Asian employees hosted a similar event, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling: Asian Americans in the Workplace. And once again, the collective Pure came together to share, learn, take action, and start the healing process.

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