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Employee Resource Groups at Ad Council


Provide Ad Council employees with a safe place to bring their authentic selves to work and provide a sense of belonging.


Two years ago, we established our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council to brainstorm ideas, develop and implement policies to increase diversity, and support a culture of inclusion both at the Ad Council and in the work that we do.

We are committed to creating an open and supportive work environment – one that’s diverse, inclusive and vibrant – where all employees have the opportunity to discuss the topics that matter most to them.


With the work of the DEI Council guiding us, we developed four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for employees who share a common background or interest. Our ERGs are independent and led by employees, for employees. They are a safe place for candid conversations about the important issues affecting our lives and our work, in and out of the office.

To ensure that our ERG leads are prepared for potential difficult and/or sensitive discussions, we have provided them with facilitator training and an extensive toolkit to help them understand their purpose for creating an atmosphere where people are willing and able to listen and be heard.  

Successful outcomes from the ERGs include having expert speakers present to staff on related topics (balancing screen time – Working Parents ERG), weekly meditation sessions (Wellness ERG) and hosting a panel of industry professionals during Hispanic Heritage Month on the importance of representation of the Latinx community in communication and media (Mosaic ERG).

This summer, the DEI Council (including our CEO and Chief Talent Officer) completed a three-hour in person training on allyship. The training was designed to help the Ad Council understand what allyship is, how we can practice allyship in our work as well as learn how to effectively surface and address difficult conversations around difference.


Danna Kulzer; VP, Talent


We can only do our best work when we are fully present, and we can only be fully present when we show up as our authentic selves.

Lisa Sherman
CEO, Ad Council
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