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Employee Resource Group Transformation


In 2015, Edison International's Diversity & Inclusion team embarked on a journey to transform our employee-led groups from predominantly social groups into structured organizational business resource groups with a purposeful focus on people, culture and community.


Specific actions included the following:

  • Revised internal policies establishing common practices and governance
  • Implemented a structured strategic framework and accountability measures designed to foster a sense of community and increased engagement
  • Formalized an annual business strategy and budget management process aligned to our corporate business planning timeline
  • Established a structured employee resource group board of directors and executive sponsor selection process
  • Introduced a customized learning and leadership development program to enhance ERG board leadership acumen creating an incubator of future leadership talent to help drive the company's vision, mission, values and strategic direction


By strategically aligning Edison's ERGs to business outcomes and operational excellence, they are valued as thought leaders in their respective area of focus, e.g., gender, ethnicity, environmental/sustainability, safety and sexual orientation. They are a vital resource to Edison International's Diversity & Inclusion roadmap, effectively driving toward a culture of inclusion and contributing diverse views to our company's business strategy. They are the catalyst to increased employee engagement.

Our ERGs focus on environmental and sustainability awareness, advancement in business practices, women's advancement in the workplace, LGBTQ inclusion and growth, special needs education and resource advocacy, safety awareness and practices, innovation and personal and professional growth.


Liji Thomas: [email protected]

Edison International's employee/business resource groups have been acti.ve for over 40 years and are a pillar of our diverse and inclusive culture. Today, Edison International proudly supports 11 employee/business resource groups with more than 4,500 members, representing a range of cultures, differences, perspectives and business initiatives such as safety, business trends and the environment. My whole leadership team and I are actively engaged with our employee/business resource groups. They serve a valuable role in empowering our employees and breaking down barriers across our organization

Pedro J. Pizarro, president and CEO, Edison International

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