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Employee Networks and Resource Groups (ENRG’s)


We recognize that the commitment of all TechnipFMC employees is required.  There are challenges to engaging employees:

  • Translating feedback into action
  • Creating an effective mix of strategies
  • Improving the onboarding process

TechnipFMC today has seven ENRG’s that assist in the engagement of employees and support diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

  • Young Professional Group - YPG (US)
  • Parents Network (US)
  • Military Veterans Network (US)
  • Black Organization for Leadership and Development - BOLD (US)
  • Inclusion, Development and Equity for All – IDEA (UK)
  • Organization of Networking Employees – ONE (US)
  • Supporting TechnipFMC to Reach Its Vision of Equity - STRIVE (Australia)

They have supported the organization in recruiting, retention, career development, and diversity and inclusion strategies.  Also they have assisted in addressing issues in the workplace, partnering with other ENRG’s within the energy industry, and reaching out to the communities in which we operate to build relationships. 


These ENRG’s have been instrumental in engaging employees from diverse backgrounds and uniting them in a common cause linked to our foundational beliefs.  The BOLD ENRG launched the first annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) day in Houston, TX.  Students from grades K – 12 visited our location to participate in hands-on activities as a way to bring awareness and exposure to the STEM field.  It demonstrated the positive impact we can have on our surrounding community and create future STEM professionals.  Similarly other ENRG’s have been actively working on initiatives like cultural orientation, mentoring, coaching, onboarding support to new employees as well as personal development.  The activities initiated by ENRG’s also connect with other pillars of our SD strategy – communities and environment.    


Lamonica Spivey
[email protected]


We commit to do more in the area of Diversity & Inclusion across our organization, including:

Making TechnipFMC a trusting place to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion by encouraging an ongoing dialogue and valuing openness;

Enhancing and expanding our unconscious bias education, so that we acknowledge, recognize, and work towards eliminating these biases; and

Broadening our Sustainability focus to create a TechnipFMC, at all levels of our organization, that reflects the gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability diversity of the communities in which we operate.

I am delighted to join the CEO action for D&I and look forward to working with industry peers in driving change.

Douglas J. Pferdehirt
CEO, Technip FMC
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