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Employee Engagement groups


In advancing our DEI strategies, we provide a supportive and inclusive space for employees who share a common identity or interest. We aim to effectively improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, foster connection and personal and professional growth, and provide support and resources to underrepresented colleagues. Through the work of the EEGs, we have identified and addressed systemic barriers to diversity and inclusion, and promoted allyship and advocacy within the workplace, ultimately improving employee engagement, retention rates, and overall culture that fosters authenticity, innovation, and creativity.


At the American Cancer Society, our Employee Engagement Groups​ (EEGs) play a critical role in supporting the mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem. The EEGs act as a sounding board around strategic diversity objectives within the organization, to help create a more inclusive work environment and serve as a collective voice around shared issues or concerns, promoting an inclusive, respectful workplace by uncovering issues that are specific to the needs of a diverse community within the organization.​ Our employees are also able to receive education, training, recruitment, retention, networking, and business outreach and development.​ In addition, The EEGs support innovation by providing insights on new markets, product development, and multicultural marketing, while enhancing the American Cancer Society’s reputation in the marketplace​.


Currently we have 8 EEGs as the following: Accessible ACS; African American/Black; Asian American & Pacific Islander; genACS; LGBTQ+ & Allies; MiACS; Military Family & Veteran; Working Parents

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