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Elevating Our Accountability and Transparency Around DEI


Point B is on a journey to drive transparency and accountability in our DEI goals. Our people are committed to advancing our DEI vision and have asked for our progress against benchmarks.


Senior Point B leadership collaborated to create a DEI Scorecard by taking into account our business strategy and comparing our current metrics with benchmarks to identify gaps. Next, we consulted operational leaders, including recruiting, finance, and culture to establish appropriate goals and areas where we could close those gaps. Benchmarks were sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Diversity, Inc. and peer organizations. Actual data was gathered from our HR and financial systems as well as employee engagement surveys.


Point B published our first DEI Scorecard in October 2020 and we continue to update and publish it internally on a quarterly basis. It is an important step to establish and measure our progress toward achieving our five DEI goals: 1. A workforce that is representative of the communities where we work; 2. Leadership that represents the diversity of our workforce; 3. A workforce that is paid fairly for what they do; 4. Support for our communities; 5. Recognition as a leader in DEI. Regularly measuring our progress against our goals and roadmap helps us understand what has worked well and what has not and determine areas for deeper focus and attention.

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