Driving Inclusivity


Most organizations understand the concept of diversity. Diversity remains important. However, now we are seeing and understanding the true importance of inclusion. The challenge for organizations has been inclusion. Verna Myers, a diversity & inclusion expert states, “Diversity is being invited to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance.” How does an organization effectively ask their employees to dance?


One of the essential components of AllThingzAP is the concentration to always be your authentic self. Organizations need to let their employees embrace their inner beauty and give each individual the opportunity to be their authentic self. Using their own voice and participating in the decision-making process will enable people of all backgrounds to feel like they belong. Having all employees tell their personal story has a tremendous impact. Personal stories lead to discussion, education, and learning about each other. 


Diversity will always be important but as indicated inclusion is just as important, if not more so. Organizations that are more inclusive drive increased rates of innovation, engagement, results, business value, motivation, retention, performance, opportunity, civility, and a sense of belonging. 


Anthony Paradiso


Inclusion is essential for diversity programs and initiatives to succeed. Diversity is extremely important, but diversity cannot sustain itself without inclusion.

Anthony Paradiso
Owner & Founder, AllThingzAP
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