Diversity Strategies in Recruitment, Retention and Succession Planning


Building diverse teams through recruitment, development and retention strategies.


At Masonite we believe a workforce that is diverse fosters creativity and innovation. To support us in building a more diverse talent pipeline, we have created a Diversity Recruiter role to focus on sourcing talent and identify engagement best practices for diversity recruiting. In addition, we conducted a pay equity analysis to identify potential compensation imbalances to ensure that we are continuously working towards an equitable employee experience throughout our organization. Lastly, we have amplified our focus on examining our gender and ethnic diversity during our annual talent reviews and succession planning process.


One of Masonite's core cultural pillars is People Are Key. With that value in mind, a review of our diversity strategy efforts show an overall increase in gender and ethnic diversity within our candidate pools during the hiring process. Analysis of our 2021 hires reflects 80% of our candidate slates have included diverse (female/ethnic) applicants. Masonite's goal is to continue focusing efforts in this area, with the introduction of competency-based interview guides to allow for question consistency to mitigate unconscious progressive bias in the recruitment process. In addition, we have completed an extensive compensation analysis and taken progressive steps to close the wage gap within our organization which will, in return, assist in attracting and retaining top talent. Along with our pay equity review, we have also reflected on our diversity metrics during our annual talent review process with the goal of identifying and we have developing employees at every level who have the potential to assume greater responsibility as leaders within the company.

At Masonite, out purpose is to help people walk through walls. To realise our purpose, it is critical that we have a diverse and inclusive organization that welcomes people in and fosters a culture that centres on integrity, flexibility, accountability and being respectful. I am inspired by what we can accomplish together when employees are empowered to be their authentic selves and express their strongest capabilities to drive business innovation and growth.

Howard Heckes
CEO and President, Masonite International
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