Diversity Scholarship Program


Encourage and support underrepresented students to enter the technical fields practices at OHM Advisors to help attract and retain a diverse workforce of highly talented individuals. Directly commit to the academic success of women and minority students. Increase diversity within the architecture / engineering / planning (AEP) industry.


Award and recognize promising students who are passionate about contributing to the world through their future work in the AEP industry.


Our firm has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships via OHM’s and Pelham’s to 28 students in the past 3 years.

OHM is thrilled about the success our Diversity Scholarship Program has had thus far. Each year, our Diversity Scholarship Program awards $1,000 to 12+ qualified women and minorities who are currently enrolled, or planning to enroll, in a STEM program or related field/practice of OHM. The deadline for applications is typically in November and
winners are typically notified in February.

This year, the student winners were recognized in a virtual awards ceremony hosted by OHM Advisors on May 11, 2020. In addition to receiving monetary awards, the students may be offered future opportunities to pursue internships with OHM. Three of this year’s 12 winners have interned with the firm at one point in addition to pursuing their academic studies.

Regarding the Pelham program, this program is a 50% match “Masters Scholarship” at the University of Michigan (UM). OHM has pledged $25,000 for 3 years ($75,000 total) to sponsor one student each of the 3 years. UM will cover the other 50%. Thus far, OHM contributed $25,000 in 2019. By year-end, we will make another $25,000 contribution. The OHM/UM partnership is designed to attract and develop students in the Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) program. A compliment to this financial contribution is our Internship opportunity offered to these students.


Tiffany Bryan


We continue to be amazed by the students who apply for our Diversity Scholarship, now in its third year. The winners are passionate about our mission of Advancing Communities as demonstrated by their enthusiasm for their fields of study. We’re confident that they will continue that passion after college in truly meaningful careers.

Kelly Jackson
OHM Advisors Human Resources Director
CEO Quote

With this scholarship and other firm initiatives, we encourage and support interest in the AEC industry in diverse students as young as high school age. We appreciate being able to invest today to help create tomorrow’s most innovative problem-solving teams for the benefit of us all.

John Hiltz
OHM Advisors President
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