Diversity Recognition Programs


Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Council (DISC) expanded their strategic focus areas from workplace and workforce to include people with whom we do business. This includes our suppliers and customers. We wanted to recognize companies that value diversity and inclusion and have a similar commitment our values at USG. 


As a way to truly recognize our partners that are dedicated to diversity and inclusion, we developed Customer of the Year and Supplier Recognition Program awards. We established criteria and the selection process, and then invited our supplier and customer partners to complete a survey that evaluated their strengths in diversity and inclusion. Interviews were held with those that scored the highest and DISC worked with our Global Sourcing and Sales teams to select the Customer of the Year and Supplier of the Year.


The Pallet Alliance Inc., a women-owned company, received our inaugural "Diversity and Inclusion Supplier of the Year" award while the Home Depot was named our first "Diversity and Inclusion Customer of the Year." They were recognized at our annual Diversity and Inclusion Champion Recognition ceremony, held in the Spring. The program has strengthened our partnerships with these suppliers and customers and is mutually beneficial for each organization in exchanging best practices surrounding diversity and inclusion.

We are in the process of naming our 2018 Supplier and Customer of the Year. The Pallet Alliance said, "We applaud USG's inclusion of vendors in its annual celebration of difference makers, and are confident that it will inspire partners throughout USG's supply chain to improve."


Kathleen Prause
[email protected]


This models our core value of diversity and helps ensure we have robust perspectives to strategically influence how we do business.

Jennifer Scanlon
President and CEO of USG Corporation
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