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Diversity Philanthropy and Community Investment at Haskell


With the core value of “Service” at the heart of Haskell’s values our team has always found creative and fun ways to serve the underserved in our communities.  As we reflect on this past year, it is evident that the Covid-19 pandemic presented us with many unique challenges which in some ways forever changed our lives and communities. It has been a time of discovery as we learned to live and work in ways never experienced – and this adapted approach also applied to how our team members gave back to those in need.


Across the globe, the catastrophic effects of COVID-19 created staggering demand on charitable programs that support individuals, families and communities.  Haskell has always been committed to philanthropy and community – and in the face of adversity, team members pulled together to find ways to help.  As social distancing was mandated and many volunteer activities cancelled or postponed, virtual events and fundraising became the norm for our team members.  Our team was unwavering in their commitment to give back, often relying on creative and innovative ways to provide service to charities and communities while meeting the challenges of social distancing.

As a company we continued to focus on specific areas we felt would most benefit the communities we serve. Those focus areas included:

  • Mentoring Programs – The team provided virtual support of education and mentoring of at-risk youth by supporting organizations like ACE Mentoring, Big Brother Big Sisters “Beyond School Walls” as well as STEM-focused mentoring opportunities.
  • Food, clothing and shelter insecurity – One distinct area that every community faces year after year is the demand for necessities. Our office locations are committed to serving those less fortunate by donating to food banks, distributing meals and collecting clothing and toys for the underserved.
  • Wellness Initiatives – Keeping wellness in mind, many Haskell team members focus on health and fitness to bring awareness and raise funds for important causes. Charities and events supported include The American Heart Association, breast cancer awareness activities, local blood drives and virtual charity walks and runs.
  • Sustainability – Many team members across the company participated in various activities that incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness in the community.  Creating healthy green spaces and waterways helps connect people with their natural resources.

Haskell further supports these initiatives by providing each team member with 48 hours (6 full days) of paid time off per year to develop their passion for giving back to local charities within the community. 


Encouraging team members to be actively involved in the community not only positively effects the workplace experience but also provides a meaningful impact in our communities.  Our team members’ commitment to service and sharing goodwill is what makes Haskell such a special place to work.  It is integral to our culture and represents the heart of what we do – provide service and create things that matter.

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