Diversity is Our Strength


Dear #TeamWayneMetro,

Over these past weeks, we have come together as an Agency, as a community, and as a force for good in response to a global pandemic. A truly unmatched public health crisis has taken a greater toll on our City and County than in most places across the nation and the world. Detroit and neighboring cities have lost more than 5,000 loved ones, friends, and neighbors while thousands more continue to struggle to access healthcare and basic needs like food, water and housing.

Now, more than ever before, we must come together in solidarity, as well as show mutual respect, compassion, love and care for one another. Due to decades of systemic racism, othering, and implicit bias, forces of oppression, inequity, and hate have been amplified. Complacency in this moment is unacceptable. We must speak up with a collective voice against the hands of hate, division and racism. #TeamWayneMetro must stand strong and united against brutality, violence, and cruelty. We call for an end to the killings of our people of color.

There is no better opportunity to live, embody, and accelerate this change than through our Agency values of Respect, Innovation, Accountability, Empowerment and Inclusion. I remain ever hopeful that our organization’s culture and diversity will shine bright through the dark times as a source of strength. The more we celebrate our differences, the stronger we are together.


Louis D. Piszker, CEO
Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency

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