Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) Microsite


Sharing a consistent D&I framework with our EY people and external stakeholders across the globe.


Our EY Diversity & Inclusiveness microsite is one way we are bringing our D&I vision to life for our people and our partners, and supporting them in sharing D&I core concepts with each other, our clients and our broader communities. Specifically, the site is a valuable resource to:

  • Educate our people about our D&I agenda by bringing in examples and stories from around the world, and
  • Convey the depth and breadth of our D&I focus to the marketplace, recruits and key external stakeholders in our communities.

The microsite has been designed for easy access from mobile devices and can be shared internally and externally.


The D&I microsite launched in June 2015 has had thousands of unique visitors.


Betsy Lopez

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