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Diversity & Inclusion Week


Our values aren't just words. They are foundational to who we are, and they influence our business decisions as well as how we treat each other. To assure employees of this commitment, we held Diversity & Inclusion Week to celebrate the power of our value: "We are diverse and inclusive." This value helps create a sense of belonging that allows all employees to bring their whole selves to work. We wanted to visibly assure employees that our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion is real while encouraging employees to get to know one another better.


We celebrated the power of our value: "We are diverse and inclusive" by holding diversity- and inclusion-themed events and activities throughout our coast-to-coast enterprise during the last week of August.

Through the company's foundation, we offered all employees a 2:1 matching gift opportunity to support four human rights and anti-hate organizations that foster inclusion and provide a forum for voices that need help being heard: Anti-Defamation League, Center for Social Inclusion, Facing History and Ourselves, and Southern Poverty Law Center. In addition, employees can also support these organizations through our volunteerism and “Dollars for Doers” programs.


  • Increase employee sense of belonging.
  • Encourage employees to bring their “whole selves” to work and learn about one another as individuals.
  • Improve collaboration, innovation, talent retention and business performance by reaffirming that we are an organization that values the differences of its people.


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