Diversity in Design


In addition to the continuation of applying our already established practices that provide enriching experiences for underrepresented groups at our firm, Timmons Group also looks forward to implementing new diversity-based practices in 2021.


In February 2021, Timmons Group leadership established the new Diversity Council, a group of 11 internal employees comprised of both non-management and leadership staff. This group includes the CEO, Director of HR, Director of Marketing, group leaders, and team members from several departments. The goal of the Diversity Council is to meet quarterly for discussions about firmwide progress and to determine checkpoints and goals for future growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion. As of March 2021, Timmons Group is also excited to extend the Diversity Council’s footprint to staff firmwide by establishing employee focus and resource groups via our new Diversity in Design opportunities. Employee focus groups will meet virtually to discuss current diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and will have the opportunity to share insights as to how Timmons Group can enhance our future endeavors. The focus and resource groups will work closely with the Diversity Council and will meet quarterly to generate ideas, understand progress towards set goals, and help champion the firm’s efforts to their peers.


Timmons Group’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the workplace is matched by our firm’s passionate employees. We look forward to continuing the establishment of unique environments in which our staff can participate in sharing their personal stories, professional experiences, and goals for our firm’s DEI initiatives.

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