Diversity Holdback Directives


We recognized a need to champion diversity beyond HP, encouraging key partners and suppliers to increase diversity within their organizations.


In September 2016, HP’s Chief Marketing Officer, Antonio Lucio, issued a letter to HP’s advertising/PR agencies requesting that each one submit a plan outlining how the firm will significantly increase the number of women and minorities in key creative and strategy roles.  These teams would better mirror our own employee- and customer-bases.  Each agency was given 12 months to accomplish the goals put forth in those plans, or risk losing HP’s business. 

Similarly, Kim Rivera, HP’s general counsel, issued a letter to our U.S.-based partner law firms in February 2017 announcing a new diversity directive requiring that they field at least one diverse partner, regularly engaged with HP on billing and staffing issues, or at least one woman and one racially/ethnically diverse attorney, each performing or managing at least 10% of the billable hours worked on HP matters.  HP can withhold up to 10% of all amounts invoiced by law firms that do not meet or exceed our requirements.


HP’s advertising/PR agencies have submitted their 12-month proposals and our partner law firms have agreed to comply with the diversity directive. HP’s approach has also inspired other companies to issue similar diversity directives to their partner agencies and law firms.


Tom Suiter


Embracing diversity and inclusion is a business imperative for HP. We operate on the principle that diversity creates meaningful innovation and improves our company and our products and services. Corporations who prioritize diversity position themselves to better understand the needs and motivations of customers globally, and more fully reflect the markets they serve.

Dion Weisler
President and CEO, HP Inc.
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