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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team


Because FCCI recognized the need for a more formal and consistent approach to supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives within the workplace, we formed an inter-company team to focus on creating a culture of inclusion.


FCCI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team (DEI Team), formed in July 2020, is comprised of 20 teammates representing all FCCI regional offices and levels within the company. The DEI Team provides thought leadership in the following areas:

  • Talent Acquisition and Branding to identify, attract and leverage an inclusive workforce by developing and utilizing a diverse multicultural pipeline of talent that embraces the culture and core values of FCCI.
  • Core Performance to create a DEI mission statement as well as short and long-term goals of FCCI’s DEI program.
  • Talent Development to focus on activities and goals, which build a framework for employee retention and growth. Current programs in place include FCCI’s Emerging Leaders Program; mentoring programs; learning and development program at all levels in the company; succession planning efforts; and employee resource groups.
  • Marketing and Outreach to increase awareness of FCCI’s DEI efforts and initiatives through the creation of a DEI logo and the use of social media, corporate website, external marketing and community outreach initiatives.

The DEI Team’s focused initiatives have resulted in:

  • The creation of “Our Culture” page on FCCI’s external website and intranet to promote cultural awareness by sharing information of different people groups through monthly awareness campaigns..
  • The creation of an FCCI “I AM” video featured on FCCI’s website and intranet.
  • Monthly social media and website posts focusing on diversity and inclusion.
  • The adoption and implementation of diversity/unconscious bias training for all teammates and the Board of Directors.

Our commitment begins at the top. Our board and leadership team are dedicated to our diversity, equity and inclusion journey. We recognize that real change requires a participatory process and collective conversation along with intentional actions. Our dedicated teammates bring our DEI journey to life every day.

Cina Welch
President and CEO
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