Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

  • Acknowledge that as a company and as individuals we can and must do better to be a part of the solution in addressing racial injustice
  • Opportunity to educate and increase employee cultural competency across all levels of the organization
  • A CEO memo was sent to all employees affirming solidarity with Black employees and communities, acknowledging an opportunity to continue to do better as a company and a call to action to support non-profit civil rights organizations
  • Partnered with a diversity consultant to assist in developing strategies and best practices, including expertise in establishing a diversity council
  • Leveraged our existing AI technology to implement Humanify(R) DEI+ BOTs to help employees have difficult yet crucial conversations around social justice, race issues, bias, mental health, and other themes which intends to increase cultural competency in all levels of the organization
  • Established DE&I Council and strategy focused on Education and Awareness, Talent Attraction, Growth and Retention as well as Strategy and Infrastructure
    • Developed an editorial calendar to expand communications and education focused on highlighting diverse cultures, religions and holidays
    • Assigned required Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training to various levels across the organization focused on expanding awareness and deepening knowledge
    • Included the Humanify DEI+ BOTs into the broader DE&I strategy as well as made the bot available to the public
  • Recognized and received multiple awards in 2020 such as
    • Comparably named TTEC Best Company for Diversity in 2020 and Best Company for Professional Development
    • Forbes named TTEC 184th for Diversity in 2020 of 500 companies
    • Forbes named TTEC 24th Best Employers for Veterans in 2020 of 500 companies
    • InHerSight named TTEC one of the 50 Best Places to Work
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