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Our goal is to include everyone and inspire individuals’ inclusive behaviors that will positively impact our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. There were roles created to form the Diversity and Culture Council Roles to drive the success of the council and drive accountability through the company. The CEO & CHRO will provide feedback regarding strategy and execution of diversity goals, and direction to the Council Leaders to hold them accountable for goals and objectives and communicate diversity targets and progress to the company. The Diversity & Inclusion team will oversee the strategy and execution of objectives for the Council, manage the global execution of the Council strategy, provides oversight, guidelines and budget for the communities and reports results to CEO/CHRO.

The next level is the Council Leaders which will drive diversity and culture, secures resources, manages budget for their site, provides strategic direction to Ambassadors, and ensures successful implementation and execution of initiatives. The Ambassadors are recommended by senior leadership and/or selected by Council Leaders, are the primary POC for Council Leader, and will provide direction to Culture Club Team to ensure successful execution. The Culture Club will consist of volunteers from all levels of the organization, will be responsible for planning and facilitating site activities, initiatives and events, and give insight and ideas to the ambassador and Council Leaders.


This has built an inclusive culture that celebrates the unique backgrounds and contributions of all employees and provides a platform for open feedback and best practice sharing that spans the organization and promotes efficient idea transfer and timely decision-making.


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Action. A simple, diminutive word, bursting with possibility. This is why the CEO Action for I nclusion pledge resonates with me, and why I’m standing side by side with leaders across the world in committing to do more. We all have a responsibility here. We need action from leaders, from business, governments, from us all. Because it’s in each and every action we take, that we create powerful outcomes, together.

Chris Young, CEO, McAfee

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