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Diversity Councils at SitelogIQ


We wanted to create a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion at SitelogIQ. We are headquartered in Minneapolis where the George Floyd killing occurred in the summer of 2020 and race relations were tense. We tried to be sensitive to the situation during 2020 by communicating with our employees, and then in 2021 when the Chauvin trail occurred we communicated often about any safety concerns given we are based in downtown Minneapolis blocks away from the courthouse. We understood we needed to do more though as it relates to connecting with our employees on DE&I matters and becoming a more inclusive environment for people.


We started our DE&I focus in 2021.  Our private equity owners wanted us to start an ESG program, and DE&I is a part of this work.  We were going to start a DE&I initiative in 2021 regardless of the ESG initiative but it was helpful to have this be supported by our owners, as well as the Board of Directors.  We created a DE&I Council with 25 members.  These individuals have a passion for improving our culture, and have many good ideas.  We kicked off the program with a consultant who helped us establish a vision for DE&I: Make SitelogIQ a premier company to work for…where everyone is respected, listened to, cared about, celebrated, and treated with dignity and grace.


After we had the vision and feedback from the Council on where they thought we should focus first, we wanted to “get to work”.  Under our DE&I Council we created 4 pillars: Affinity Groups, Development, Communication and Recruiting.  We started meeting in these sub-groups to establish goals and actions.  Some of the initiatives are training, DE&I calendar for communication, Affinity Groups for Women and Veterans, and implementing a recruiting module to track and measure against DE&I goals. 

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