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Diversity Councils at Janus Henderson Investors


Create a governance structure addressing the diverse demographics and needs of employees.

Janus Henderson is committed to improving diversity for the benefit of the company, clients and people. We’ve developed a culture where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion isn’t just the responsibility of Senior Leadership and Human Resources - but a culture that empowers all employees to engage in our work. 


To implement a structure that represents the needs of our employees and is agile enough to reflect the cultural nuances of the communities in which we operate. As a result, we created a D&I Committee, Regional Councils and Employee Resource Groups. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is comprised of members from the Executive Committee, Human Resources and Senior Management. This committee is responsible for setting the firm-wide Diversity & Inclusion strategy and providing direction and sign off to the recommendations of the Diversity & Inclusion Employee Resource Groups on diversity and inclusion matters.

The Regional Councils are comprised of regional employees who identify aspects of diversity and inclusion relevant and important in their region. They collaborate with the Committee and Employee Resource Groups to implement strategies at a local level. Three regional councils support our D&I strategy; EMEA, Asia Pacific and US.

The Employee Resource Groups are an employee-led effort providing employees with unique interests and backgrounds an opportunity to highlight unique training and development opportunities for Janus Henderson by sponsoring activities such as parenting classes, mentoring networks, internships and cultural awareness seminars. They welcome new participants who bring innovative ideas to the team and support our D&I mission. They are inclusive to all employees, regardless of location.


The D&I Committee, Regional Councils and ERGs have impacted the business by influencing the benefits and policies. The following policies, procedures and initiatives are currently in place to support the Diversity and Inclusion agenda at Janus Henderson as a result of their work.

  • Trans Employee Guidelines
  • Floating Holiday
  • Sabbatical Leave
  • Gender Neutral Dress Code
  • Flexible/Agile Working Policy
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