Diversity Champions (US)/Inclusion Curriculum (Europe)


We needed a sustainable mechanism to embed more skilled resources into the business to help drive our diversity and inclusion efforts.


Diversity Champions/Inclusion Curriculum are intensive, facilitated, multi-month, experiential learning programs that aim to supplement Associate passion and intent with awareness and the skills to create greater impact in the business setting. This work aligns with our D&I approach of leveraging Associate involvement to create organizational impact.

The programs are specifically targeted to develop a cadre of leaders capable of supporting the D&I efforts in plants, functions, business units, affinity groups, etc. while strengthening and deepening their own leadership skills. This community of skilled leaders supports each other and works to ensure that Gore’s unique corporate culture is equitable across all dimensions of diversity. This is done by supporting teams and other human systems to leverage the full range of differences with the goal of improving work environments, Associate engagement, and creativity.

Topics include: use of self, contracting, support systems, systems thinking, using sound and current data, feedback, power and influence, learning from differences, self and team empowerment, systems change strategies, working with groups, empathy and disengagement. Diversity Champions is led by external consultant, Dr. Michael Broom, with Center for Human Systems. The learning is cohort based with each group consisting of 10 to 12 associates. The participating Associates have been identified as having the potential to learn and apply the concepts of the program as well as having enough demonstrated organizational credibility and influence to drive results.


Gore has trained over 200 Associates to be diversity champions through these programs. They are operating in the US and Europe across all of our divisions and functions to drive integration of diversity and inclusion into business planning, hiring processes, day-to-day team interactions, etc.


Vida Hawkins

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