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Diversity and Inclusion Team at Airswift


We recognized that despite taking steps to ensure we were continuously working to improve Diversity & Inclusion, we were not actively seeking employee feedback on our new initiatives or current policies to understand if employees felt necessary, appropriate or of benefit. The ideas and initiatives often came from small groups of employees in the Leadership team, which were not always representative of employees in the wider business.


We announced the creation of the Diversity & Inclusion Team and called for volunteers to join. A mission statement and purpose were produced.

Mission: To promote and embrace Diversity and Inclusion at Airswift, so that together we can foster innovation and growth to the benefit of our employees, clients, contractors, and our communities as a whole.

Purpose: We believe everyone has the right to feel included and heard. The D&I Team is responsible for the promotion and support of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives at Airswift, providing feedback and insight along the way.

We aim for the D&I Team to provide an open, honest, and judgement free platform for members to discuss and provide feedback on company initiatives.

Members will meet bi-monthly with a facilitator-lead discussion on various D&I topics. Members can share their unique perspectives, values, and experiences with the rest of the team to help promote mutual understanding, consideration, and respect both inside and outside of the D&I Team.  


The response to the formation of the D&I Team has been very positive. The team is comprised of over 40 cross-functional employees based in 13 different countries and 78% of volunteers are female-identifying employees.

We anticipate the D&I Team will evolve and grow over time, become a valued platform that amplifies unheard voices, and encourage continuous learning and reflection so that together we can make Airswift a place where everyone can feel valued.


Louise Bancroft


It’s incredibly important to give our colleagues a voice to establish a happy, productive, and engaged workplace.  With our D&I team we can ensure an ongoing circle of feedback that is nurtured to drive voluntary efforts towards communicating suggestions, opinions, concerns, and ideas that can be used to make improvements – while driving positive change in our colleague’s lives. Having passionate volunteers represent their peers around the world, should amplify our softer voices and ensure they always have a voice at the table.

Janette Marx
CEO, Airswift
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