Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


In 2015, internal analysis showed that the ethnic diversity of the Tufts Health Plan customer base was underrepresented when compared to the market we serve. This challenge translated into a strategic imperative for membership growth for Tufts Health Plan and to improve the health and wellness of the diverse communities through programs that address health disparities.


In 2016, Tufts Health Plan established the Business Diversity program as a strategic priority within our company, with all results reported directly to our CEO and Board of Directors. The initiative is led by a dedicated team and is an integral part of the entire senior leadership’s efforts and goals. All lines of business and departments at Tufts Health Plan have developed specific goals to increase diverse membership, enhance multicultural servicing and clinical programs, increase workplace diversity and cultural competence, expand relationships with diverse suppliers and expand corporate giving and volunteerism with a focus on vulnerable communities.


Early results of the Business Diversity program include:

  • A 50% increase in diverse membership for the senior products Medicare line of business, which had 4% diversity of membership in 2016 and now has over 8%
  • Over 300 employees, or 12% of staff, have joined one of five diverse business resource groups in 2017
  • 96% of our 2,500 employees have completed cultural competence training
  • A 236% increase in spending with diverse vendors in 2016

In addition, Tufts Health Plan has received several diversity recognitions including 100% score in 2017 for LGBTQ Equality by the Human Rights Campaign, the 2017 Northeast Human Resources Association Organizational Diversity Champion, and the 2016 Providence Business News Business Excellence Award for Diversity. 


Juan Lopera
[email protected]


Inclusion has the power to generate opportunities where none previously existed – it can lead to innovation, in business, and in our personal lives. It also can help to lessen or eliminate health or cultural disparities.  For those reasons and more it’s why we at Tufts Health Plan are passionate about it. However, we can’t do this work by ourselves.  All of us together - through creative partnerships, hard work, and full on community engagement – can make it happen.

Thomas A. Croswell
President and CEO, Tufts Health Plan
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