Diversity and Inclusion Program


Identify and establish associate networks for underrepresented communities in order to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the company.


After soliciting associate feedback, we formalized the LGBT Alliance in 2015, which received an overwhelmingly appreciative response from our annual Associate Opinion Survey. The survey also confirmed how enthusiastic our associates were to have access to networks that they could identify with and participate in.

We expanded to form the WSI African American Network in 2016, followed by the Veteran’s Appreciation Network.

To bolster participation in these networks, we introduced the Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador Program, which was advertised company-wide. The Ambassadors’ role included leading cultural celebrations, facilitating communication, and fostering an inclusive environment.

Together, the networks and Ambassadors were instrumental in creating and executing cultural celebrations such as Diwali, Pride, and Veteran’s Day across our headquarter offices and retail stores.

Further information about our Diversity and Inclusion Program and its various networks and events is readily available to our associates on Homefront, our company’s intranet.


These initiatives promoted associate participation and engagement throughout our company, and sparked the inception of many large-scale events such as Williams-Sonoma, Inc. first Martin Luther King in-service day, where 925 associates volunteered across 52 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. This MLK day event raised awareness for the importance of diversity initiatives, and promoted employee involvement in the surrounding community, aligning with our core vision as a company to reflect the communities where we do business.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. also sponsored and participated in numerous Pride celebrations thanks to initiative taken by the LGBT Alliance, and the Diwali Celebration Team also executed a large-scale event in one of our San Francisco offices. Our networks and cultural celebration teams continue to gain momentum and build an increasingly strong reputation for Williams-Sonoma, Inc. as an employer that values authenticity and individuality.


Felix Carbullido


At Williams-Sonoma, Inc. we will create and nurture a global company culture where we confidently bring our authentic selves to work every day: where the only criteria for advancement are the quality of our work, the contributions we make to our teams and the business, and our ability to lead; and where our individual differences-whatever they may be-are valued, explored, and appreciated.

Laura Alber
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