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As leaders of business programs at HBCUs across the country we are viewed as a natural supplier of diverse talent.  However as the issues of diversity become broader and more complex we must stay abreast of all of the relevant issues in order to prepare our students.


As part of our annual summit we have instituted an industry and government panel discussion on diversity and inclusion to keep us informed of the issues keeping diversity officers up at night, and to provide some thought leadership to help address some of those issues.


Partnerships with the roundtable and with some of our individual schools around diversity initiatives, and some of our members speaking on diversity issues at other dean’s symposia.


Joe Ricks: [email protected]

We believe The CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge is a critical step for our corporate leaders to help achieve a more just and humane society. The HBCU Business Deans Roundtable is excited about the opportunity to provide thought leadership and execute programs to make this pledge reality.

Joe M. Ricks, Jr., President, The National HBCU Business Deans Roundtable

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