Diversity and Inclusion Education Catalog


Through a system diversity and Inclusion (D&I) assessment we discovered that education and awareness was an opportunity for our health system.  Employees specifically requested education in the following areas:

  • Understanding Unconscious bias and how to manages
  • Cultural Competence/Sensitivity in Healthcare
  • How to address inappropriate behavior in the workplace/Stereotypes
  • LGBTQ Cultural Compassion
  • Generational Differences

D&I collaborated with the education department to partner and begin to identify and implement the requested inclusion training.  Pilots were conducted and a course catalog was confirmed and integrated into the health system.  In this partnership both the D&I office and the education office work together to deliver training for all. 

We have also introduced a larger scaled learning event called “Let’s Talk” in which we invite expert speakers on all topics of diversity to conduct a one-time workshop for our employees.  This is an opportunity in which our employees can learn, share and ask questions in a safe-space and have their voices heard. 


We created and implemented a diversity and inclusion course catalog of 6 instructed courses and 2 computer based training programs.  Open to all employees. 


Lisette Martinez


While it is important for an organization to express a commitment to diversity and inclusion, making that commitment part of an organization’s DNA is hard work.  Thanks to an engaged system-wide leadership team that understands and embraces the importance of living our values each and every day, we are well on our way toward making diversity and inclusion an intrinsic part of our culture.  This is a journey that needs periodic times of reflection, renewal and advocacy but it requires that we always remember that diversity and inclusion are critical to realizing our vision of being a caring organization recognized for excellence in all that we do.

Marna Borgstrom
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